Feb 16, 2018

Is 2 weeks in New Zeland enough?

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Evgen Driplo
Sep 5

Hi folks. I`m a player who al the time places only minimum bets. I increase them when I have the opportunity to £1 bets or £2 bets. But I do that when my balance is impressive and of course when I'm feeling brave. If I`m not mistaken I've never made a £1000+ withdrawal either. Nevertheless, I am totally aware of this bonus term. Speaking about the fact that those casinos can use it to not pay winnings, you know, that is ridiculous.  Today, this new slot games online are what I want to try. But, still I` m a little scared of new things. What can you say, friends?

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  • Anton Mazur
    3 days ago

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  • Evgen Driplo
    Sep 22

    Assuming 40-50k bankroll and playing high stakes (~50eu/spin) which game or/and casino would you recommend and why?
  • Admin
    Feb 16, 2018

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