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"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

Benjamin Franklin

At Discern STUDY we aim to offer a balance between an educational study programme and a cultural and fun trip for groups of students aged 18 and over.

Based in MALTA and at the heart of the Mediterranean, Discern STUDY offers a well-rounded education and a broad cultural exposure to colleges and universities who organise group travel led by faculty or educational tour directors for their students.

We have over 20 years’ experience in handling students from colleges and universities from around the globe and many students have benefited from our pool of guest lecturers, most of which come from the University of Malta, experienced and qualified licensed guides and, unmatched customer service.

Our goal is to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience, proving that the arts, history, religion, sciences or any other subject is not class bound but can be delivered and learnt through educational field trips and cultural excursions, allowing a feel for how people live in a different culture.

We will work closely with you to identify your groups’ requirements and budget. Be it short term or a semester long programme, we will make sure that our tours will complement your courses throughout. While you focus on the educational goals of your trip we will manage all your land logistics which include accommodation and land transportation.  

Tell us what your group is interested in and let us prepare an itinerary just for you. We promise you that we will do our best to come up with a programme for your group that will stand out.


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Learning Beyond the Classroom

When you learn by doing you retain the experience for a life time. At Discern STUDY our mission is to create transformative experiences that add value to the lives of the visitor. 

The educational focus when creating study tours is key at Discern STUDY. We will work on the brief you provide us with and customise a tour around your particular interest and academic demands, and can easily accommodate a number of special requests. You will find our experience and networks beneficial as we can provide knowledgeable experts in any area of study.

Learning on the go includes but not limited to:

•    A number of academic disciplines can be provided


•    Site visits to specialists in a given area

•    Field trips with local key experts in a given field

•    Lectures on your specific theme by policy makers, authorities, and environmental NGOs

•    Cultural experiences such as an excursion to a festa, tasting of the local cuisine, Grand Harbour tour in the traditional boats called dghajsa and more… 

Field Trips

Field trips are focused on specific areas of the curriculum. They feature days with content that emphasises a specific educational theme and often includes local specialist guides that provide in-depth context on tour. A few examples of field trips are the following:
•    Environmental Science and Sustainability
•    Marine Biology and Sustainability
•    Renewable and Sustainable Energy
•    History and Culture
•    Tourism and Hospitability
•    Cultural Heritage Management
•    Art, Archaeology  and Architecture  - Conservation and Preservation
•    Immigration, Refugee and Asylum seekers issues
•    Business
•    Language Learning

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